Opening an account Bank of China Limited (BOC Hong Kong)

Opening an account Bank of China Limited Bank of China was founded in 1912 by transforming from the Ta Ching Government Bank, the oldest bank in China. The bank is headquartered in Beijing.

Bank of China Hong Kong is the largest commercial group of banks in Hong Kong in respect of the assets and customer deposits. It is one of three banknote issuing banks in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Branch of Bank of China Limited was founded on 1 October 2001. It was created by combining 10 of the 12 banks in Hong Kong, originally owned by Bank of China Group. Bank of China Hong Kong is a shareholder of Nanyang Commercial Bank Limited and Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited, registered in Hong Kong, as well as BOC Credit Card (International) Limited.

The strategic concept of Bank of China HK: Be the leading bank in customer service.

Strategic Objective of Bank of China Hong Kong:

  • Meet customer needs, provide quality and professional services;
  • Offer good career opportunities and develop the interest of employees to their work;
  • Create value and provide the best return to shareholders.

Banking services for corporate customers:

  • Current Accounts (Hong Kong Dollar – HKD and the U.S. dollar – USD)
  • Savings accounts in Hong Kong dollars
  • Savings accounts in a foreign currency (up to 12 currencies)
  • Deposit accounts in different currencies and different maturities
  • A wide range of international trade and financial services, factoring
  • Internet banking CBS-online (provides access to a large number of banking services at any time anywhere in the world).

Documents required for opening accounts for companies

  • Constituent documents of the company
  • Business plan containing the following information, including the activities of the company; counterparties (company name, address, phone, website, email address, type of activity)
  • Estimated turnover per year and the number of transactions per month.

For the director, shareholder, or account administrator the following documents are required:

  • A notarized copy of passport or another identification document
  • Notarized bank statement or a certificate of payment of utility bills (for proof of residential address), bank statement, or certificate must be dated no later than 2 months at the time of submission of the application to the bank
  • Contracts, invoices to confirm the account manager experience (dated 3-6 months at the time of application)
  • Personal contact details of the account manager: phone number, email address.