Rating of banks in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the largest financial centers in the world and has one of the world’s highest concentration of banking institutions as per capita, and the town square. More than 70 of the one hundred largest banks in the world conduct their operations in Hong Kong.
Below the rating of major banks in Hong Kong, calculated using votes of our visitors:

HSBC Hong Kong105.0
Hang Seng Bank55.0
Standard Chartered Hong Kong55.0
DBS Bank Hong Kong35.0
Barclays Hong Kong35.0
RBS Hong Kong35.0
Bank of China Hong Kong64.7
Dah Sing Bank34.7
Wing Lung Bank34.7
Deutsche Bank Hong Kong54.6
Bank of East Asia64.5
Chong Hing Bank44.5
Credit Suisse Hong Kong24.0
China CITIC Bank International Limited14.0
Westpac Hong Kong14.0
Commonwealth bank Hong Kong14.0
ANZ Hong Kong14.0
UBS Hong Kong22.5